Distribute Your News to These Crypto News Sites

At Chainwire, we’re proud of our publishing ecosystem that we’ve developed over the last decade. Our partners are top-notch blockchain and crypto news websites. Each website is directly connected to the Chainwire system so every release gets guaranteed coverage.


Our state-of-the-art blockchain and crypto newswire platform

100% Guaranteed Coverage

Results are published on crypto and blockchain websites based on your campaign spend. Simply set your parameters and watch the coverage roll in!

Network of Connections

With over 10 years in the crypto industry, we have fostered a community of editors and journalists at top media publications.

Effortless Results

Chainwire directly integrates with tons of publishers and blogs. This allows for quick and automatic press release distribution.

More Features to Come

We plan to implement more features in the near future that will make Chainwire easier and more enjoyable.
Get full coverage for your press releases instantly from our partner publications around the world

Meet the Top Newswire for Crypto: Chainwire

Our blockchain and crypto wire service guarantees media coverage thanks to direct integrations with our crypto publication partners. Get your story seen from the moment it’s released.

  • Select the time you want to launch
  • Choose your preferred distribution package
  • Watch the coverage instantly roll in

Guaranteed Media Coverage for You

We have been working in the crypto space with hundreds of companies. Our goal is to combine our platform with the latest crypto news, and provide guaranteed coverage effortlessly.