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Our state-of-the-art newswire service includes:

Guaranteed Coverage

We guarantee published results on crypto websites as well as broader media coverage based on your campaign spend. Just set your parameters and watch the coverage roll in.

Automated and effortless

Our system directly integrates to scores of publishers and blogs we work with. This allows us to conduct accurate reporting and to distribute your news quickly and automatically.

Network of Connections

Each press release reaches editors and journalists on top of the automatic integration for additional media opportunities.

Reports Dashboard

View the results of your press release campaign, aggregated from all our publishing partners and search engines, presented in a user-friendly reporting dashboard.
Get full coverage of your story from the best-known publications, along with detailed customized reports

Meet our Crypto Newswire

Get full control over which media outlets run your release & and full cutomized reports. Meet our Crypto Newswire

Our wire service guarantees media coverage thanks to direct integrations with hundreds of crypto publication partners. Get your story seen from the moment it’s released
  • Pick your preferred distribution package
  • Schedule the time of the announcement and submit the press release for review
  • Sit back as your PR gets distributed to the media, and get a full report!

Trusted By Top Clients

Guarantee Media Coverage For Your Clients

We combine practice of technological platform with clear reporting and zero room for error, coupled with guaranteed coverage
to maximize your budget spend and announcement effectiveness. We have been working in the crypto space, working with hundreds of companies we advise them on marketing strategies and PR advisory